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May 12, 2021

Terry Knickerbocker - New York Acting Teacher and Theater Director Helps Actors Become Their Best

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Ever since I became WINMI's sole host and producer, I have wanted to have an acting teacher on this podcast. Well, it certainly took long enough, but that time has finally come. Terry Knickerbocker has been guiding students for almost 30 years, having trained and taught with William Esper, one of the most respected protégés of Sanford Meisner. And The Terry Knickerbocker Studio is this month's featured Artist Resource. 

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The studio has four primary objectives when it comes to their actor training, and Terry and I will be touching on these topics throughout today’s episode:

  1. To provide students with tools and a process for creating authentic imaginative acting.
  2. To cultivate uncompromising Standards of craftsmanship and artistry.
  3. To empower students to embrace the full range of their unique humanity.
  4. To support students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to be a successful working actor.

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