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April 1, 2019

Clayton Howe - Actor, Singer, Host of ENTERTAINMENT(X)

Fellow actor and podcaster, Clayton Howe, riffs on the business of auditioning as well as creating new work and making a difference in the world...whether that world is our own theater community or a larger presence influencing millions.

He even brings up one influencer, Casey Neistat, who is a filmmaker and was ticketed here in NYC for not riding his bike in the bike lane. Through his videos and mission to fight back against the ticket, he ended up exposing a flaw in the enforcement of bike lanes and galvanized a strong following behind him. Watch the video that started it all. Notice the 22+ million views so far!

Okay, now back to Clayton...he and I first met during my contract with Disney Cruise Line. He was Vocal Captain and became a true friend on the ship. Since being back on land, our careers have led us in similar directions as we pursue more theater gigs around the country.


Born and raised on Long Island and schooled at State University of New York (SUNY), Clayton has a resume that stretches from New York theater to regional theater and beyond. He most recently performed in From Here to Eternity at Ogunquit Playhouse and just finished a production at Gateway Playhouse for Cabaret.

All of this has brought Clay to a higher understanding of what it means to change the world through storytelling, which is why he created his podcast Entertainment(x). Clayton believes in understanding the roots of one's successes and struggles so others can learn from them and live a more fulfilled life...sounds familiar, eh? 

Much like WINMI, Clayton brings in names you might recognize, names you won't, and names you don't yet. In fact, in the coming weeks he'll be bringing me on his show. So stay tuned as your favorite host turns into Clayton's favorite guest! :)

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