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Weekly conversations and insights on the fine line between setback and success in the performing arts. Fellow creatives share their own journey as artists and the lessons learned along the way with host Patrick Oliver Jones, an actor who knows first-hand the ups and downs we all face.

August 19, 2020

Jason Odell Williams - Playwright and Producer Walking the Line Between Stage and Screen

Jason Odell Williams is an award-winning playwright and Emmy-nominated television producer. But his first love was acting...until it wasn't. In this episode he shares that journey from saying the words to writing them.

We specifically talk about his plays Handle With Care and Church & State, both of which were produced by his wife (and former WINMI guest) Charlotte Cohn. He opens up about his difficulty with taking criticism and how different writing is from the stage to small screen, especially when those shows involve true crime or brain teasers.

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