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May 26, 2021

Diane Foy - PR & Marketing Coach Shares Her Roadmap for Actors and Musicians

Last week on the podcast I spoke with an acting teacher (Terry Knickerbocker) about techniques and the creative process for us actors. Well, this week a publicist will guide us through the business side of our profession, and how best to promote and grow our careers, not letting others and especially ourselves stand in our way. 

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Back in March 2021 I appeared on a podcast called sing dance act thrive hosted by PR and marketing coach Diane Foy. Other guests of that podcast have included Akon, Bif Naked, Timbaland, and Broadway life coach and former WINMI guest Bret Shuford. And I enjoyed being on her podcast so much, I invited her to join me here and share her vast knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry.

The 6 C’s Roadmap to Book Gigs & Make Money

  1. Clarity - laying your personal vision and professional goals
  2. Confidence - finding motivation and acknowledging your skill, strengths, and weaknesses
  3. Captivate - evaluating your personally, exploring your story, and embracing your image (Big Five Personality Test,
  4. Competitive Advantage - researching those who have the career you want as well as what sets you apart, figuring out your business and artistic audiences, and what other sources of income can come your way
  5. Content Creation - sharing your personal and professional stories systematically yet authentically, making sure your brand is consistent across all platforms
  6. Communication - finding your target audience and how to engage with them, interpersonal and business/media skills

Are You A Multipotentialite? A TED Talk On Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

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