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January 29, 2020

Dave Jackson - Hall of Fame Podcaster on How and Why Actors Should Start a Podcast

This is a special episode where someone I consider to be one of the best in podcasting joins the show to discuss what he's learned about this growing medium and how we as artists can use this as another outlet for our creativity.

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since April of 2005. His School of Podcasting has been downloaded nearly 2 million times, and he has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. He was also inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2018. And now he's here to help you!

Here are some of the people and items discussed in this episode:

The Audacity to Podcast - Another podcasting guru, Daniel J. Lewis, shares his findings on the state of this medium and the 800,000+ podcasts currently listed by Apple.

Ultimate Guide to Hosting and Guesting Podcast Interviews - More than any episode I've ever listened to, this one by Dave gives a helpful overview of the the nuts and bolts of creating the best interview-style podcast.

Building a Better Dave - The personal diary of Dave Jackson. Each short episode attempts to make you laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain.

Here's a list of Dave's other podcasts:

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