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Insightful conversations with fellow creatives about the realities of a career in theater and the performing arts.

December 31, 2018

A Look Back at the Podcast’s First Year

It's been a wonderful ride despite some growing pains and losses along the way. My first year of podcasting has nonetheless taught me a great deal, and I hope you've learned a thing or two as well.

I honestly do this for you and try my best to give you interviews and insights as well as some fun along the way. A lot of effort goes into these episodes and sometimes they hit the mark and other times fall short (mostly technical hitches and glitches and my own verbal fumbles).

So I may not have made it on anyone else's Top Podcast Lists, but here's my own best-of retrospective on the highs and lows of 2018!

The guests and sounds clips featured on this episode:

Marella Martin Koch • Erin Cronican • Joey Fatone • Jeff Thomson • Scott Wojcik • Mike Wartella • Stephen Wallem • Casey Erin Clark • Jessica Holt • Matt Zambrano • Grace McLean • Jelani Alladin • Glasgow Lyman • Alvin Hough, Jr. • Jeff Theiss • Dena Hammerstein • Michael Repper • Sydney Altbacker • Tate Robinson • John McGinty • Chris Coyne

Though there was no way to include every episode on this best-of-2018 edition, I am immensely grateful for ALL the guests that have come on the podcast. It most certainly would not be the same or nearly as good without their contributions.


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