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Most creatives do their work out of the limelight, grinding it out and hoping to make a living from what they love most. Whatever applause may come, though, pales in comparison to the weeks and months of rejection and persistence that precede any such recognition. This is the central message that is shared and celebrated on this podcast, hosted by Patrick Oliver Jones, an actor who knows first-hand the ups and downs we all face.

June 1, 2019

Tony Awards - BEETLEJUICE with Kelvin Moon Loh

The third and final Awards Season Bonus Episode features Kelvin Moon Loh of BEETLEJUICE, nominated for eight Tony Awards.

We discuss his audition for the role of Otho...or rather lack of an audition. Then there's the other fellow performers who Kelvin simply gushes about, sharing his love and gratitude for such a wonderful group to perform with. But we also delve into the business itself and what keeps us going and how to treasure the moments along the way.

It's wonderful and far-reaching chat about this fun show about death as well as the Great White Way that keeps us all striving and hoping for our chance to one day be under the big lights.

Follow Kelvin on Twitter and Instagram as well as BEETLEJUICE.


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