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Insightful conversations with fellow creatives about the realities of a career in theater and the performing arts.

April 15, 2019

Spotlight - THE ACTORS FUND Financial Wellness Program with Rebecca Selkowe

Welcome to your favorite holiday: Tax Day! One of the most difficult but important issues we face in the arts is our finances. How to make more of it and how to spend (and save) it in the best way possible.

Rebecca Selkowe, head of the Financial Wellness Program at The Actors Fund, covers some of the challenges people working in performing arts and entertainment face when trying to balance variable income and expenses, and also touches briefly on important tax issues. A performing artist’s financial life is complex, so it’s easy to get confused when trying to organize your money. This episode will help you distinguish between regular and irregular income, and determine what this means for building yourself a financial cushion, saving for periodic expenses and investing for your future.

The overall goal of the Financial Wellness program? Establishing a stable method of managing your finances. So check out their free classes and seminars today!

Learn more about Rebecca Eve Selkowe and her book Dominate Your Debt.


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