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January 14, 2019

Cupcakes & Kudisch (Bite-Size Edition)

The first episode of the year has me chatting about my failed attempt to make Red Velvet Cupcakes...and I mean utter failure. I hurried through the prep and ended up with inedible red mushy hockey pucks. Such wasted time and effort and ingredients. 

Marc Kudisch & a cupcake

What wasn't a waste of my time, though, was a recent chat I had with Marc Kudisch. I met him at the Only Make Believe Gala after-party, and he graciously talked with me for about 15 minutes. From the business to Broadway and keeping it all in perspective, it was an informative and surprisingly honest chat about making it in theater and in New York itself. So I wanted to share my reflections from this impromptu discussion. (Hopefully he can come on the show at some point to expound upon these topics and more.)


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